ASM International
Central Massachusetts Chapter

Chapter Award

WPI MQP Competetion
Undergraduate students at Worcester Polytechnic Institute must complete a Major Qualifying Project (MQP), under the guidance of academic advisors, in order to obtain their degrees.   Ideally, the project synthesizes all previous study in order to solve problems and perform tasks in the chosen major field, with students striving to communicate results confidently and effectively.

The Central Massachusetts Chapter of ASM International sponsors and presents an award for a competition to select the best MQP presentation in the Mechanical Engineering department, with special emphasis on Materials research. Three chosen finalist teams give brief presentations of the highlights of their accomplishments before the winner was announced. 

2014 MQP Competition Finalist:

"Quantitative Corrosion Evaluation and Damage Modeling
in Ferrous Materials”
Khalil Badran, Jaime De Souza, Joshua Morales, Eric Plante
“Injection Molding of Chocolate”
Jennifer Baker, Rebecca Draper, Katie Monighetti
"Simulation of the Effects of Temperature and Time
on the Tempering Behavior of Carburized Steels”
Nichole Holman, Karen Paklin, Shikha Shrestha




Congratulations to our 2014 WPI MQP Competetion Winners Jennifer Baker, Rebecca Draper, Katie Monighetti!

Injection Molding of Chocolate - Jennifer Baker, Rebecca Draper, Katie Monighetti.

Current and Past WPI MQP Competetion Winners

2014   Jennifer Baker, Rebecca Draper, Katie Monighetti
2013   Patrick Ford and Amy Loomis
2012   Forest Dwyer, Adrian Shaw and Richard Tombarelli
2011   Erik Khzouz
2010   Nathaniel Jannetti and Braford Lynch
2009   Amanda Young and Lester Li
2008   Brendan Malloy 
2007   Meghan Pajonas and Joe Hernandez